Wednesday, 29 July 2009

24/7 - Day Twenty Nine - AKA Outfit #95

YAY, once again! (I'm so tired, and it's only 8.24pm, early rising is so weird sometimes)

I've caught up and here's today's Outfit. Woo!

It's the same style as Outfit #94, gathered skirt with pockets, but it's from that knit fabric from Outfit #93 (I'm sure you're all keeping tabs on me!) doesn't have a zipper. And it's like I said the other week (Lazy sewers take note) when you've got the same colour thread in the machine(s) just keep doing the same coloured outfits, so hence all the white based fabric I've been using. (The denim looked good with the white stitching - as it does)

I'll have to switch tomorrow, because I have one very special outfit to finish off, it's one I started at the start of the month, but it got buried! So I'll be switching the machine threads over to navy blue for some more denim sewing, and perhaps use up some of the other blue florals I have in the stash.

Oh, and before I go, Franca (of Oranges & Apples) have a look on my new lovely shelf if you see anything familiar:

A little anchor all framed up! (next to Morrissey!)

Even though the month has been EXTREMELY busy, perhaps I'll do a 24/7 challenge every July, it's been uber productive and have totally explored a lot of styles I'd never have tried otherwise. Easy and simple sewing styles that is. (*HUGS OVERLOCKER AGAIN*)

YAY. Good night lovey doveys.


  1. Veronica, I'm very impressed with the speed with which you are sewing. Wow! I couldn't do it! (Ofcourse I have three little ones wanting attention here, so that might be part of the speed-problem, but to be honest, if they wouldn't be here, I probably still wouldn't be able to sew that fast!) My compliments!


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