Tuesday, 21 July 2009

24/7 - Day Twenty One- AKA Outfit #87

I feel like starting off all my posts these days with "YAY"!!! So just a little update on yesterday's outfit (because I'm sure you were totally aching to find out if it fits) as I finished the buttons (don't they look cute) and the hems:

AND IT FITS! And like Penny says, you totally need attitude to wear it! I have some wedge heels that are practically the same colour, so I can't wait for spring time! It's still a little cold to wear just cotton, and unfortunately Husbie didn't get home in time to take a photo of me in it...

But he did get home in time to see this darling little dress for Outfit #87!

Looks a bit small? That's because it's for a little BABY! The baby I have in mind hasn't been born yet, and we don't know if it's a girl or a boy, so this looks a bit girlie:

So if little bubba is a boy, I'll most likely post this little knitted jumper I'm working on (when I watch tv). How cute is the back?

I have heard that things that don't have to pull on over a little bubba's head is best, so I love that it ties up at the back. It's stash leftovers, and I totally vintage cotton fabric. I lined it with white fabric, that kinda stretched around a bit, so that was a bit bad, but it turned out ok. Very cute. Vintage stash buttons too!

One of the best thins about doing my challenge this month is that I'm constantly thinking of what to sew next, because the project is finished daily, and I feel really inspired. I'm thinking of baby tees, more rompers, and more skirts to ease up the stash almost every free second of the day... it's totally what it's like to be a creative sewing gal... almost full time! (Even though I am still working full time, and cooking tea and caring for Doggie Darling... the kitchen is a mess!)

Anyways, best be off to cook up a risotto!


  1. What a cute little dress, Veronica! I love dresses with a tie in the back. Really girly indeed!

  2. So cute! Want photos! (And risotto too please).

  3. have a look at my blog, I have a surprise for you!

  4. Fingers crossed for a girl! That's super cute.


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