Tuesday, 28 July 2009

24/7 - Day Twenty Seven - AKA Outfit #93

And getting closer to 100.

I'm a day behind thanks to those ruddy sleeves and their even ruddier elastic, but luckily my friend showed me a dress she'd bought from an American owned Australian store, and it pretty much was a tube with holes for the neck and holes for the arms, and of course a big hole for her cute legs to go through.


*hugs overlocker*

I'm utterly amazed that I can now 'whip' up an outfit. Utterly amazed. I only had weird floral knit fabric to spare, but I think it'll look pretty cute with cowboy boots or whatever. Perhaps I'll wear it tomorrow to show her.

This is the busiest week at work to be full time sewing, so things like the tube dress above has helped out. I've cut out two skirts (nice gathered ones, with pockets! Oh my!) so hopefully tomorrow afternoon (once work has settled down) I'll sew them up.



  1. so cute... I like the floral design and it's perfect since now it's nice and summery here in nyc =D

  2. I'm interested to see how this one will look on your person, it being just a tube and all! Maybe I'll make one too?

  3. Another great one! I wish i could 'whip things up' like that!


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