Monday, 27 July 2009

24/7 - Day Twenty Six - AKA Outfit #92

Oh, before I duck out, here's my little baby tshirt! Yay!

As I've been using those Built By Wendy Stretch patterns, I'm starting to get a feel of how tshirts go, and thought (now that I have a new 2 day old baby friend in Melbourne) I'd make her a tshirt for Outfit #92 of this fun time (but busy) challenge. I used the same material as this dress, cause of the softness and it's so light as well. Perfect for baby.

Perhaps I need to fix that hem up a little... but otherwise it's perfect, and it was MUCH easier to sew that I thought! I took the measurements from a vintage baby jumpsuit pattern I had (google was no help), so I'm not sure how it'll fit, but I did manage the scoop neckline ok, so hopefully it'll fit over her darling head.

But the best bit? My gathered sleeves, they are particularly girly, and so cute!

Ok, ducking off to op shop now! I did a LOT of work early today, and will spend a large chunk of my day tomorrow at work, so I got home at 10.30am, and have been pretending that I 'work from home' like a few of you lovely readers... And it's GREAT!


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