Thursday, 23 July 2009

24/7 - Day Twenty Three - AKA Outfit #89

Hi! Back again (gosh how regular am I) but this time a little earlier in the day, since I was a little more calculated with my garment choice!

I've been reading Built By Wendy's Home Stretch Book (that links to Amazon, fyi, but you can buy it on any online bookstore I'm sure) a bit here and there, and made a this lovely red dress last week from her instructions. So today I followed the instructions for the EASIEST tshirt possible, one that has overlocked seams and hems, so no folding or bias tape or any fiddly bits.

So I found this stashed cotton jersey (aren't I learning about knit and stretchy fabric), and thought I'd whip a tshirt up:

But then I got adventurous with my figure, and decided a shorter version of the tshirt would look best, but the clingy fabric just didn't sit right and I was worried it'll look a bit crop toppy in a BAD way, so I added a skirt bit:

Thoughts? I'm not TOO keen on the clingy-ness, but maybe cause it's still winter (the weather did a turnaround today!) and I have to wear stockings and a singlet underneath cause it's so see through. It might grow on me.

Anyways, it only took an hour, so I've actually come to the cafe across the road instead to blog, and it's so lovely compared to the pub. Instead of wine I'm having English Breakfast Tea and a caramel slice. Delish!

Off to read your blog now, as I am a Lady of Leisure who has finished her homework early. *CHUFFED*


  1. Saw your blog for the first time and couldn't figure out the summer thing, being from the US.
    I guessed Australia...I was right! Great play suit, by the way!

  2. It kinda looks like a nightie?
    Love the blog and the challenges... you are very daring with your creations! Good for you!

  3. My Husbie says the same thing, I think I'll wait til springtime to see if it's a dress or nightie.


  4. OH! You're so close to reaching the big 1-0-0! I'm so excited for you - how will you celebrate?! xx j.


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