Wednesday, 22 July 2009

24/7 - Day Twenty Two - AKA Outfit #88

So I thought I'd improvise a bit today, and I've never made an apron before, and the opshop one I have is cute, but rather big, and not very Sexy Housewife (not that I am either) so, I thought 'How hard can it be?'...

Well it would have only taken an hour, but instead I got excited. Yep... how can one not be excited when sewing AND refashioning... SO, I wanted to use this darling blue floral pillowslip, and if I'd just left it at, I would have had dinner cooked by now (instead of sitting in the pub writing to you). But for some reason I thought "How about some frills?????!!!! It'd look cute!"

Yep, cute is right, however it took FOREVER to do because for some reason I decided I should also line it, or back it with another vintage pillow slip of feathers:

And yep, that's why it took all afternoon to make up. It's fully reversible, and I so very proud of that, but my fingers have gathered up too much frill and I also interfaced (just the blue side) and DIDN'T USE A PATTERN. I'm over 'Freestyling' as I put it the other day!

But, what a lovely little Outfit. I'm considering putting a pocket on both sides, and somehow sewing just once through all fabrics, I can be that clever right?

And how Sexy Housewife is the little bow:



  1. That apron is indeed very cute and sexy house-wife-y! I totally see you parading in your kitchen, whipping up some delicious meal while looking gorgeous in your new apron ;-)


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