Thursday, 2 July 2009

24/7 - Day Two - AKA Outfit #68

Lock up your sons! This is a real bombshell dress!

I've finally made a stretch knit dress. I *cannot* believe it. Yep, it was easy (as everyone tells me), and yep it hardly took any time. Perhaps an hour, and perhaps five minutes of me jumping up and down with excitement. My trusty overlocker rocked me through it!

So, I found a dress that fit me well, shape, style etc:

And then I found a stash bit of thicker knit fabric. I do buy stretchy material at the op shops, but I'm just reluctant to use the overlocker in case I totally fuck it up. I know the best things about thrifted material is that it's cheap and it doesn't matter if you stuff up, so for my Ultimate Outfit Send Off (Veronica Darling's 24/7 Sewing Challenge*) I do need to take some risks and also to USE my actual stash.

Anyways, I used some nice red knit material, totally 70s feel thrifted stuff, and cut around the black dress above, making it a smidge shorter (due to the lack of fabric) and followed a few instructions from Built By Wendy's fabulous 'Sew U Home Stretch' book for the step by step way to stick it all together, and checking in to google for the best way to do binding to make it look polished (Wendy calls it mock binding) and voila:

Note the binding, I overlocked it on and the STITCHED IN THE DITCH as a topstitch. I am a bit chuffed I'm learning more terminology things, as sewing jargon baffles me most of the time!

As the dress is SO short, I just had to overlock it and leave it:

Ever heard of the expression STOKED?

I'll have to get the guts up to wear it tomorrow and perhaps get a photo of me in it, as it kinda looks shapeless hanging there. But it's totally tight and fitted and snug and quite SEXY, so watch out.

Yay! So it's the second of July and I've made 2 outfits. This sexy knit is a total back up dress (if I'm time poor - like today) so there could be a few more on the way. I know my friend would look totally hot in this, so I'll have to make one for her!

Hope your Thursday is going well, I'm quickly making this now and watching Masterchef in a minute!

* I'm aiming for 100 Outfits, in general, but using the month of July to totally kick up the stock (in my etsy store perhaps) and my wardrobe and to learn new mad skillz.


  1. mmm.
    NIce overlocking skills.. I can imagine you in

  2. Oh my god! I'm so impressed. I'm currently wrestling with learning stretch sewing and oh the highs and lows... Your binding looks fantastic. I'm looking on booko for Sew U Home Stretch...


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