Thursday, 2 July 2009

Goodbye faithful Graff

The backlanes of my town are covered with graffiti, and I love the bright colours and curves on the brick, although sometimes I prefer stencilling that normal big tag graff. But nevertheless, goodbye old graff, we'll miss you!

For you regular readers, you'd have heard my subtle rants about the 4 level apartment block that's in construction behind my house. We tried to battle it out with the council (Husbie even did a speech) but it was approved, and they started construction a while back. Today they're going to knock down this wall because they 'accidently' hit part of it and smashed the brickwork (Very bad, as people walk this laneway all the time) with their stupid 1970s machines (seriously they look so ancient, I hope they all break down).

We've got the insulators in today, as we're taking advantage of the Federal Government's rebate on energy efficient homes, they reckon cause of our house size it may not even cost a thing! I feel like such a clutzy adult when workmen come over, I never know what to say to them and become overly gushy "Help yourself to anything, and give me a yell if you need anything all!" ... I'm creepy 1950s housewife and can't stop it!

1 comment:

  1. ahh bugger!
    That would be why I walked past all that fencing. Dont worry, consider it a new canvas... we will not be put off.


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