Thursday, 30 July 2009

24/7 - Day Thirty - AKA Outfit #96

Day Thirty? 30 Days? I've been making an outfit every day for 30 days? Whoa, that went quickly.

I'm going to see the Doves tonight, so had to have 2 naps (count them!) in the afternoon, so only had a small window to make somethign today.

Here's a black skirt, from light knit jersey (probably meant for tshirts though:

It's from the stash too, and helped with the Built By Wendy book too. She used elastic through the waist. Dur, I'd never thought of that!

But it looks a bit bland by itself, right? I quickly googled bows, found this tutorial and voila:

An outfit for the Doves now. Luckily I let my hair go curly and I look totally 80s. I was saving the magenta and blue weird 80s print for something, perhaps some lining? But I don't think there's enough fabric. Enough for a bow though!

See ya later!


  1. Wow! That 30 days went really fast! Love all the outfits that you have made. Your so close to 100 now.

  2. YAY!!!
    Your almost there, Veronica!!!
    WOOT WOOT!!!

  3. Hey there, this is Veronica's Huzby. Just leaving a quick comment to say congrats for all of your hard work! I think it's awesome but then I have to be honest, I think YOU are awesome. xx

  4. How was the Doves? Love them. Maybe one of their songs can be in my hottest 100 for today...

  5. Oh, My Goodness - you;re sooo close to 100!!! am in total admiration for sticking at it!!

  6. Hope it was good...and am sure you looked fantastic!

  7. Congratualtions on completing your challenge! It's been so much fun following your progress through the month.
    Also, you inspired me to start knitting a while ago, my bf thinks it's weird but cute!



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