Monday, 6 July 2009

Making the rules up as I go along

The good thing about setting your own challenge, is that you can set your own rules too.

My weekend was such:

Saturday: Puppy School, Good Food & Wine (I was lost in the piccie below somewhere), and a darling bestie's NYC style apartment for drinks and tea time.

Sunday: Big HANGOVER (it was the wine at the Good Food & Wine Show that kept me constantly tipsy all day long on Saturday) and the joys of a new tv show. Trueblood!

So the good news is that I do actually have 2 outfits, but they're lying around needing a bit of structure and assemblage, so I just have a bit of catching up to do. It is terribly hard to sew with a hangover, so I took my time yesterday, but you'll soon see two little ruffle skirts later today...


  1. Trueblood isn't bad - gotta love Sookie's feisty ways. But have you discovered Firefly yet? You'd love it.

  2. Yes! We've loved that... but I can't remember if I watched it all the way through... am off to wiki the episodes now.

    I've already bonded with Sookie's pep, and have cast my husband as the OLDER man boyfriend... hee hee! Love your comments too btw. Where is your blog???

  3. I know! I'm more of a blogee than a blogger these days! Slack...vicarious blogging.


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