Friday, 3 July 2009

Ups and Downs Friday

Love a Friday, but it was full of funtimes and shocking times today. I can't go into detail here but I love my friends and would love to give virtual cuddles to all of them.

But also ups and downs with my outfit. As grrl+dog correctly tipped, I wore yesterday's Outfit #68 with boots and layers and ducked into the laneway for a quick piccie this arvo:

That's why I wanted to make the dress, for the layers. I had the cutest black short skirt that my Doggie Darling ripped (puppy teeth are like razors) so looking to sew replacements. This looks ace. It's UBER tight and hence the ups and downs. I was constantly pulling it down around my bot after it would ride up a little... it's so short. My fellow colleague and darling girl friend said "I never want to hear you utter 'my skirt is too short' from your mouth again".. she's a fan of my pins and me of hers. Gotta love a bit of leg.

I'm heading into the sewing 'studio' now for the quickest skirt ever... a pillowslip refash I reckon!

1 comment:

  1. pillowslip? that's a new one...

    skirt looks very cool, and keep doggy's gob off it.


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