Wednesday, 29 July 2009

WWW - Watcha Wearing Wednesday #11

Ahhh, another Wednesday. And another heaps busy day at work.

I totally wore that dress from yesterday's Outfit, the tube dress:

Looks ok, I think I might take it in further around my hips, cause it's not uber tight there. And looks better looser on top, tighter round the bottom. YEAH

And look at this cool shot, I took it before I'd adjusted the exposure from last night:

I like it!

People seem to celebrate anniversaries on blogland, and as I'm going to finish the Outfit Challenge (an outfit a day through July - 24/7 Veronica Darling's Dress a Day etc etc etc) on Friday, perhaps I should celebrate. What should I do? I mean I'm the type who'd totally drink lots of champagne at the opening of an envelope, so I could toast myself with good champagne. But what about on blogland? Maybe I could do a giveaway or something... Can you help me decide?

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