Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Yay! Made a sale on etsy!

Hooray! Hard at work (above) in the sewing room, making up Day Five's Outfit - a green skirt, and yay! I made a sale via my etsy store! The parcel (a little pink skirt you may remember) will be off to Canada.

But, speaking of etsy, I'd love to give a big couple of thumbs up to Julien Jaborska! They were featured on etsy's front page a while ago, and I knew my darling husbie would love one:

A belt made from old bicycle tires! YIKES! I love a good old refash, and especially from something that isn't used anymore, like a punctured tire. How wonderful!

Thank you Julien! My husbie loves the belt, it fits perfect and hope your shop does really well! You should totally go and check the belts and his artwork out! However I just went and checked his etsy, and all the belts are on reserve! So you'd better put an order in soon, he may have to collect up a lot more bike tyres!

xoxo Veronica


  1. Congratulations you ambitious overachieving crafty girl! XOXO, MissAmy

  2. I must have one of these belts...and with the amount of miscellaneous bike stuff lying around my basement I just might be able to make my own.


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