Friday, 14 August 2009

Another reason why sewing has stalled...


And thought I'd spare you all the gory wideshot details, and only show you this:

I have absolutely no room to sew, cut or to do anything! That's what happens I guess when you get gungho over something. But my goal here this afternoon, is to make this all lovely and clear AND I HAVE MY NEW APRON ON TO LOOK THE PART OF GOOD HOUSEWIFEY!

So hopefully there will be big TICKS after this list is done:

- Divide up the projects: repairs, garments to sew, garments to finish, garments to give away at the clothes swap, garments to sell on etsy or the markets in Sept.

- Put all the haberdash away in its place (ie buttons, ribbons, patterns etc)

- Refold all the materials too

- Wash all recent op shopped material and The Fabric Store Knits (load of washing on now - yippee!)

- Um... have glass of wine now pls?


  1. Well with your apron on you're superwoman girl...and you'll soon have this whipped into shape!

  2. Yeah, I hear you. Right now I'm in the middle of sewing several things, but I'm going to have to stop soon and straighten up. Wine helps!

  3. That looks alot like my craft room! Happy cleaning!

  4. Sewing is such a messy hobby - my God, it's messy! I have piles and piles of fabric to refold and stuff back into shelves, loads of tiny scraps and cotton laying about on the floor, and patterns to match up to instructions! I tell my self no to start another project till I clean up - but then I get overcome by the project - and begin any way - it's a vicicous cycle!


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