Monday, 3 August 2009

Friend day at the biggest shopping centre in the world*

Thank you for all your comments lovely peeps! I think I'll draw the winner out of a hat on Thursday, cause then it'll feel like the weekend when you win! Thursday feels like the weekend to me most weeks, so giving a garment away will also be fun!

I'm so gushed out because of the nice things you've said, and even if you don't leave comments, it's so nice of you to stop by and have a look. Yay!

Anyways, I'll leave the comments open til Thursday, so if you wanna leave your fave garment in a note to me, you'll still be in the running. And if you're stuck with what Number each garment is, the garments listed in the mosaic are all from July, so here are the Outfits all listed here, but don't worry I'll try and work out which garment is your fave. Plus remember that if you like a garment that's not readily available (ie starred in yellow), I'll happily make you your fave! It might just be a different size or colour or whatever, but still unique!

So today was a big day at work, I lost something, then found it, and then escorted my friend to a very big shop that EVERYone knows around the world, but especially Australians right!? IKEA! I haven't been for ages, but I also didn't need anything, but my darling friend needed some lovely things for her newly moved into art deco apartment. And we found HEAPS of great stuff for her, plus $80 of stuff for me! I got 2 bits of fabric, gonna try it out, it was a cheap one and then a pricey one. And some glasses and a small saucepan for making custard. Yep, that's what IKEA is all about, it makes you think your old op shop glasses don't hold enough water, and makes you think you can make custard. Or want to make custard. Hee Hee!

And as for you curious-o's, I've still got THREE Outfits to make to finish off my (to quote Annie Hall) lar-dee-dar 100 Outfit Challenge, so I'll be posting asap (once I work out what to make, I guess they should be significant in some way? They'll probably be stash busters again), so I'll still be around. I'm addicted to blogging now, right? And I think I've found my voice finally! (Those who know me best, are mightily aware of how self conscious I am in blogland usually, as I studied author/reader voice in several uni classes back in the day)


* Not accurate, but feels like it!

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