Tuesday, 18 August 2009

How would one cable knit then?

So it's another sick day for me. My cough isn't as bad today, and overall it's just feeling gloomy instead of yukcity like yesterday. I totally don't handle being sick very well, as I don't get sick often, if at all. So I'm trying to let it flow over me and not be thinking too much about it.

Farmville helps that's for sure!

As I'm recovering in bed (with darling Doggie) I mashed up some of Husbie's photos to show you my little sewing room!

What do you think?

From left to right: Shelves (Dad made them for me a few years ago!) that hold my haberdash like buttons, extra threads and other things, and some books as well. Then you see my darling machines, the overlocker on the left (that was a dilemma for about 2 months trying to work out if the overlocker should sit on the right or the left of the straight stitch) and it's a Janome one that I got this time last year (on my birthday - next week!). Then my Brother straight stitch, then my bits and bobs tray (I have cute little vintage cups for bobbins, needles and a tools basket) which is very handy right near the machines. Then cast your eyes to the cutting board, it's not very big, and when I'm cutting majorly big things it gets a bit annoying, but it's ok overall.

THEN my fabric! YAY! These shelves are IKEA, and we've used them for different things over the years, for books and records and then in the kitchen here in the new house, until we got a lovely vintage sideboard for the kitch, so they've becvome my fabric shelves. I've set up the second computer in the middle too (so I can google for tips and blog at will) and I've also got garments to refash stored on one of the shelves and some of my patterns in the suitcase down on the floor.

Next up is the ironing board (I can hear my mother gasp as she sees it set up PERMANENTLY!) and the cover that I made for it, with some storage and more patterns behind, then lovely Diana and the click clack fold out couch/bed!

Gosh it's so lovely and neat. I honestly can't bear to sew anything again cause it's so clean (Yeah, right!) but I have to keep it slightly clean because the Pez (parents, darlings) will be here at the end of the week to help celebrate my bday!

Ok, so whilst my Doggie Darling sleeps and sleeps (she's turning into a cat - I thought Staffies were supposed to be boundless energy type dogs) I'm going to google cable knitting, because I'm about to start my bathroom mat, but forgot that I didn't know how to knit cables. DUR!

So far I've found Knitting Cables for Dummies, via the For Dummies website! I'll let you know how I go, hopefully it won't take all day to do!



  1. Oh how I dream of a room like that! But we live in a one bedroom flat, unfortunately!

  2. Hope you get to felling better, soon! All the way from North Carolina, USA. I have enjoyed following your projects. Keep up the great blogging.

  3. Your sewing room is lovely!

    Knitting cables is super easy, I taught myself on a hat my first time out. Do you have a cable needle? And if you can't find any good tutorial I'd be happy to photocopy the pages in my book that explains it and send them off to you (or whomever wants). (thedomina at gmail dot com).

  4. What a great room! I'm completely jealous. I've got the beginings of a study/craft/sewing room at home but unfortunately I'm out of the country for two months because of work (and hols!). I've got itchy fingers looking at it!

    Knitosaurus: what a great offer! Unfortunately I can't even purl so won't be taking you up on it.


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