Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I'm getting really good at cuddling with babies, but not so good at knitting for them

I'm taking my time with choosing my next outfit, I'm just finishing off the last lovely smockdress, then going to draw the giveaway on Thursday.

So totally chilling, making foodz and drinking wine, but here's something I've been doing while I'm hanging on the couch:

Can you tell what they are? I am NOT an experienced knitter at all, and have only just started working out the lingo of knitting (Oh, so there are abbreviations used, not a different language like pig latin! RIIIIGHT) so I'm pretty happy I followed the pattern for these little things.

The greeny one is a bootie, started up the top ankle bit (I imagine) and then knitted down, making a heel and then making a toe. Now, the pattern told me to break the thread. BREAK it! I freaked out. What if I had stuffed it? I decided to take the risk and soldier on. But I just can't work out how it sews together. It LOOKS WEIRD!

The second one, is also a bootie, but a red orangey bootie, and same again, I tried a different pattern (this one omitted the heel and the breaking of the thread) but it still looks SILLY and I can't work out how to sew it up. WEIRD.

Also check out Weirdo Doggie Darling who has a couple of new toys! Totally recommend them for Staffies and chewy dogs:

I think they're called 'Busy Buddies' and from the Premier brand (from the States I think), I got them from Ozpets.com.au or whatever.


  1. That weirdo doggy darling of yours really seems to grin. A bit of a weird grin. Even almost a scary grin, but still. I can almost hear it! ;-)

    Can't help with the booties unfortunately. I'm still a learning knitter myself. I hope you'll figure it out, I heard booties aren't that hard, so I bet you will suddenly see the light and then wonder why you didn't see it before!

    x Karin

  2. I've been knitting forever and baby booties still don't make any sense to me. I don't know why we don't just knit baby socks. Maybe try a hat?

  3. Hey lady,

    Email me your address, I have a nice little package for you filled with some extra goodies!

    BTW have you ever tried knitting the Saartjes baby bootie? Super easy and quite cute!

  4. OMG your dog is adorable!!!!

    PS - I STRUGGLE with baby knitting. Thin yarn, small needles. All too tricky for me!!


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