Tuesday, 25 August 2009

It's my birthday and you get ALL the presents!

Yep, I'm sure it's not a new thing, but I had another gorgeous birthday and have altered a few etsy items so YOU get lovely discounts on my darling handmade unique items.

There's NOTHING over $20 (American dollar darlings) and it's all totally a one of a kind garment and totally and I chopped off 20 bucks of every item. Grand Sale Grand Sale Grand Sale.



I'm going to actually start sewing again, (o RLY?), and I totally need to update my etsy with all the latest things I've made, so hence the big Birthday Sale!

Thanks to you lovely gals who said happy bday via facebook! You're a treasure! And btw, you can totes become my friend on facey if you wish, I'll totally love it! Search for Veronica Darling, or click on the left hand column below (somewhere there, you'll see a facebook box).

Night peeps!


  1. Hi hip hooorrrraaay to the birthday girl! Hope it's lots of fun and lasts for at least a week!

  2. Happy birthday! Hope your day is fun and special. By the way, do you keep anything you make for yourself?

  3. Happy birthday Veronica! I hope you're having a wonderful time today and get very spoiled by your loved ones!

  4. Happy Birthday. Love a birthday. Hope you had a great day.

  5. Oh, happy belated birthday!

    have had a look at your shop and have my eyes on a couple of dresses, but will need to check whether they fit me first. Also, I'm not allowed to buy anything until christmas, If i do get one of them i have to stash it away until then.


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