Sunday, 16 August 2009

No more sewing, as the room is spotless!

Well, the cleaning up frenzy finished and it's a huge success in the sewing room:

Myself and Doggie Darling just hanging out in the cool space that is now ordered and lovely and chaos free.

And thanks Emy! Look how lovely the dress looks!!!

That's me walking to a Doris Day song, yay! What a great weekend, hey Sydney peeps? So sunny and just darling fun! (Although I'm hungover AGAIN - too much fun at the clothes swap and a mad rooftop party in Surry Hills)

We're watching the first episode of Dollhouse (Joss Whedon - HEART JOSS!) now, is it any good? It's quite mysterious at the moment, so can't work it out!


  1. No - it's shite. Joss must have gone temporarily mad when he thought that turkey would fly.

    I love the dress though!

  2. ARGH, I was hoping you'd be back with some telly info! Oh dearie me, what are we to do? The first ep was really interesting and he set it up well, but the sub characters are a little annoying already... eep...

    Catch you later gorgie!

  3. YAY!
    That dress was totally made for you!!!

  4. Ah I've been lurking! So impressed with your success in the challenge.

    I'm seriously thinking of giving up tele and switching to audiobooks. David Sedaris + sewing worked well for me, except I don't know about you, but my seams go shooting off in the wrong direction when I laugh!

  5. You're sewing room is so organized, I'm jealous! Also, you look so short and cute!!

  6. Oh look at you marching like Doris Day, just adorable!!


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