Friday, 14 August 2009

What I'm noticing as I'm cleaning up

Dot Points as I'm CLEANING! Can't jot too much down as will interrupt the cleaning and tidying process, it's really important I spend time NOT blogging, right guys? Right!???

Things I need to finish:
Bowtie for the Ginge
Teddy dog for Luca

Things I need to repair:
Buttons on Husbie's brown stripped shirt
Glue red bow ring together
Sew Husbie's black suit trousers together
Readjust Husbie's grey pinstriped waistcoat
The zipper in my pink floral 60s dress
Put a new lining in for my grey jacket and sew up the back

Things I need to start:
Rosie's badge - from Brockhurst lady material
Pillowcases for Woody with her own purple vintage material
Orange Pillowcases for our blue click clack couch

There might be a few more notes, but don't want to get too much of a list going!

It's such a beautiful and sunny day here so the morning is going really well at my house. Luckily the time is crawling too, so I'm enjoying our clean up of the house and about to start a cob loaf dip, the spinach is thawing at the moment and I'll run round the block to get a cob soon.


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