Friday, 14 August 2009

Why haven't I been sewing after my sew-a-thon ended?

I've come to blog a few times this week, but have found myself:

a) Addicted to facebook's Farmville & Restaurant City
b) Reading other people's blogs and laughing
c) Playing more computer games on bubblebox



Perhaps you'd like to share your distractions this week, because I have stacks more than just these ones! But the best thing EVER is a parcel from Emy, of Crafternoon Delight, that arrived and it's just so sweet! Thank you darling girl! I'll have to take some photos of my new clothes for you all to see!

And here's what I sent off to Emy this week (nice buttons hey?):

And here's some fun things I found at the Op Shop, a great bargain of 50c each!

And I won a little giveaway from this awesome lady, who writes superbly and loves vintage stuff and making stuff from old stuff just like me! Woo!

Tomorrow I'm hosting a clothes swap 'Ladies Lunch' at my house, and doing a wardrobe shake up so we can all swap clothes and drink champagne and generally just be good looking together. We do it occasionally with the girls from work, because there's enough different body shapes for everyone to get something and what's leftover I'll take down to the oppie. YAY!


  1. I'm addicted to Farmville! I will add you as my neighbour :o) And then I can give you various trees :op
    But seriously, it's sucking my will to do anything remotely resembling work. I have a nice crafty day planned tomorrow, so perhaps something will come from that?! Your day sounds terrific. Have fun, dear xxx

  2. I'm soo glad it got there in one piece! Enjoy it my lady you deserve it!


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