Sunday, 13 September 2009


It's springtime, in Melbourne, and all I hear around the place is ACHOO! And it's mostly my husband sneezing CONSTANTLY!

My poor darling has got it really bad, luckily only ONE eye is red and blood shot (not too bad, but he does look weird) but he's just sneezing outta control. I've never really been affected by hayfever, so I always forget what he's going through when it comes on. Yesterday I was all like, oh now, you're tired, come and have fun with me, and seeing him get grumpier and grumpier and then ACHOO ACHOO ACHOO over 20 times in a row. Oops. It was the wrong time of night to be on the wrong side of the city when the Collingwood Footy game finished, that's for sure. TRAFFIC x a million, us in a cab and the grumpiest, sneeziest, hay fever riddled man in the world. Not very pretty. At least only ONE eye is red, he's still handsome a little bit!

So I've been googling, and I quite like the word 'Rhinitis' now, and there's some Chinese medicine herbs called Ephedra that we may have to go check out for Husbie. There's also thoughts about how global warming and pollution is causing MORE hayfever, and some facts that 1 in 4 peeps suffer from it, and sad news that we don't know why people get it. AND THERE'S NOT A CURE that I have found yet anyways. POOR HUSBIE! And proving that there's a blog for everything, here's the Allergy Relief Blog. OH NOES.


As you can see, NO crafting, NO shopping for fabrics in the city, and certainly NO knitting, well can't show you any finished things yet. I'm just too busy hanging out and drinking with friends! I HAVE, however, made a goal with myself, that I suppose I can share with you. From tomorrow til Christmas, I've written out some goals/challenges/ideals that I'd like to keep up. Not too hard, and certainly quite easy goals (if you ask me) like 'By Christmas I'll be going to yoga at least three times a week' and 'By Christmas my Doggie Darling will be bigger and need at least a 30 minute walk each day' ... you see, I've been eating and drinking and laughing so much, that I've quite forgotten about exercise, and darlings ... I HAVE AN EXTRA TIRE AROUND MY MIDDLE... *embarrassment* It may not be a thick tire, and it's actually only noticeable to me... but hey, my plan is to be healthy and a tire around my middle can't be healthy.

Talk to you soon, xoxo


  1. you have a lovely blog, i just visited your etsy shop and you sell such pretty things dear :) hope you will reach those goals you made to yourself <3

  2. Lovely Blog! You make some really darling stuff. If you want to know where really good oppies are in Ballarat......Julie from Ballarat Vintage Style is your best bet......she's full of oppy magik!


  3. Just letting you know, I love reading your blog, so I've given you a lemonade award, yours to keep, to do what you want with!

  4. Ahh, I sympathize! I'm a hayfever sufferer, too, and have been known to sneeze over 30 times in a row, at the end of which I was staggering and having heart palpitations (I always wondered if it's true that your heart stops for an instant when you sneeze??). I once used up a whole box of tissues (always 'Extra Care' tissues - I need it!) in one weekend; that means blowing and sneezing at LEAST 200 times in 2 days. What a nightmare. And yes, it's getting worse, as global warming is encouraging the growth of all those awful weeds! The "natural" remedies don't work with me, sadly. I hope hubby gets some help, soon. Worse comes to worse, use anti-histamines!


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