Tuesday, 29 September 2009

All the dishes I didn't eat in Melbs (but now need to go back to eat)

Just reading The Age online, and really really really needed to jot down these 'Wish List' dishes via the article '50 Best Dishes' as they look delicious!!!!!!!!

Saganaki, $11.50, at Hellenic Republic 9381 1222
It arrives piping hot on an iron plate with tiny sweet figs tempered by a balsamic reduction. The usual rubbery incarnations of this oft-abused standard should hang their heads in shame.

Stuffed zucchini flowers with hot yoghurt sauce, $24, at MoMo 9650 0660
Almond and barberry-stuffed zucchini flowers keep their crunch under the tangy sauce.

Seared momen tofu and eggplant, $8, at En Izakaya 9525 8886
Imagine a Crown croupier with miso‑stained dunked fingers shuffling thick cards of creamy cooked eggplant and slippery tofu and you have this beer-friendly cavort of texture and warm flavours.

Pea salad with ricotta and mint, $10, at Giuseppe Arnaldo & Sons 9694 7400
Yes, cold peas. But beautifully swaddled in a tumble of shallots, mint, basil and shredded air-dried ricotta.

Smoked Potato, $20, at Attica 9530 0111
Sublime and simple, this dish illustrates three Ben Shewry fundamentals: reverence for produce (spud was never so heroic), gobsmacking technique (Maori hangi meets lab coat) and narrative (the dish is a poem to Shewry's native New Zealand). Oh, and it's delicious.

Tomato salad, $17, at Embrasse 9347 3312
Everything owner-chef Nicolas Poelaert prepares is a paean to produce,
but none sings so harmoniously as his tomato salad, a showcase for pure flavour that tastes like 10 types of sunshine.

Goat's cheese tart, $6, at La Parisienne Pates 9349 1852
Soft and pungent Soignon goat's cheese and feta folded into soft egg in a buttery pastry husk, topped with chives.

Salad roll, $6, at La Paloma 9380 8520
A two-hander, springy stone-ground bun with avocado mashed with lemon, thick slices of cucumber, basil, house-made mayo, Austrian cheese and crunchy cos lettuce. Prime summertime food.


If you're from Melbs, have you eaten at any of these places? I NEED TO GO BACK RIGHT NOW!

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  1. oooh, thanks for that, will be there on the weekend, and have been focusing on clothes, but food just as good!!


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