Wednesday, 30 September 2009

It is decided... October shall forth be knownth as...


Ok, two things, firstly; I didn't invent these fabulous word things, they were invented already and I have stolen them for my own interests. Secondly, I'm going to be making clothes and concentrating on my own health, and not following through on the actual fundraising efforts, but YOU can if have time to fundraise.

Ocsober is about cutting out alcohol for a month for our kids and raising funds for Life Education (that educates Aussie children about drugs and alcohol) and Frocktober is about wearing dresses and raising dosh for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation in Australia.

In my case, I'm good at promoting and talking and sewing, so here is my plug (and I'll donate some dosh to you if you sign up - let me know) for both monthly events. And I'll blog my efforts in sewing a dress a day (this time a REAL dress not just tshirts and skirts) and staying off the booze for the month of October.

(I'm cringing here, as a wine really really really helps you sew better - let's just hope I can still sew without the Sav Blonk!)

But it's part of my bigger picture (by Christmas not be blubby, by Christmas to actually have a clear and gorgeous voice, by Christmas to have loads of garments sewn, and to be in good spirits always) plan and I'm reckoning that I did so well in July for a garment a day then, that I'll be very proud and in uber spirits by the time November comes around.

If you'd like to join in on Frocktober (Veronica Darling style) let me know, I know it's a mean feat for some you darlings (espech if you have kidlets) but if you fancy sewing a dress a day in October I'll make a special button and link to you from my page or whatever.

Ok, gotta dash cause a friend is talking about cool stuff at an art gallery, and gotta get back early so I can work more on this green bombshell wiggle dress.



  1. I love the fact that you are doing the dress a day thing. That way I have something to drool over every day. I wished I had the time right now to take on such a challenge. But alas, with the little ones, I don't see the time now to join in. But keep doing this once in a while and in a couple of years, when the littlest one goes to school, I join you, deal? :-)

  2. Oh, well done you! I can't sew very well at all, so that's out and I have a couple of big celebrations in ocober, so alcohol is necessary (this is Scotland!) But I have an idea: one of the dresses you make, could you do it to my measurements and I'll buy it and you can donate the profits to the charity? If you fancy it - no worries if not! I'll send you an email!

  3. Hi Veronica! I just signed up for Frocktober! Fun fun! Can't wait to see what you make this month, I may even attempt a few creations of my own...
    Thanks for inspiring me :)


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