Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Nostalgia, Memory Lanes and just great food

*** Beware - Crush/Gush/Nostalgic Post Alert ***

Well, I usually live in Sydders right? That's my darling nickname for my darling current hometown of Sydney. I love it 'cause it's warm all the time and my work is there (which I love) and all those lovely bunny friends of mine. My husbie and I have lived there for almost 4 years... and before that we lived in MELBS!

I have so many great memories of Melbs, and being here for only a few days has totally spun me out! It's like we've never left! I guess it's changed a lot, but not in a really 'I don't know how to get around' kinda way, and it's just so fun seeing friends, drinking out and eating out!

Last night we went to Misuzu's in Albert Park (right around the corner from where we're staying, in fact) and it was delish!

Photo care of this review site and it's a gorgeous Japanese place that's lit really well (huge problem in Sydney, and my Husbie's pet hate) with darling big lanterns out the front for outside dining, but lovely warm lights inside. And the food was UNREAL. We mostly stick to vegetarian diets, at home, but when we go out we do dabble with seafood... so we had a bit of crispy salmon and whitebait tempura. UNREAL!

What I love about Melbs is that you can go to a random place and it's just so delightful in all areas.

I'm cooking our tea now (corn on the cob!) and I'm totally going to do some knitting asap. I'm planning a city shopping day on Friday, and googling Tessuti as I type! Yay Nichola! The sad thing will be if I buy some fabric, I can't sew it for yonkers! (Unless I buy a travel machine? Ebay anyone?)


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  1. Oooh, I love misuzu! I go there with my dad whenever I'm in Melbourne. The Sake menu is amazing - I've tried some truly delightful tipples!
    I'm in Melbourne to launch my new range the first weekend of October - I'll forward you the invite once it's finalised - you have to come!
    x Posie


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