Monday, 7 September 2009

Yay! In Melbourne and it smells like Melbourne

We got to Melbs alrighty, and already it's just like we're living here again. It rained only a little bit and it smelt so familiar! Then I ate a sundried tomato yesterday, and it tasted just like how I love sundried tomatoes to taste like. WEIRD, I wonder what's wrong with all the sundried tomatoes in NSW?

Anyways, I'm in our little new home (well for the next month) and I have my Darling Doggie on my lap, curled up asleep, and thinking of all the work I have to do (not that much, so not too bad, but still I have to do a bit of work) and who I'd like to call to catch up with. I might try my Darling Amy June first, and then even walk past the Op Shop here in the suburb we're staying. CUTE!

But thought I'd post a picture, of me actually doing some craft, and yes, I think this is the WEIRDEST and FUNNIEST photo I have ever seen:

I'm knitting a baby's bonnet. I have some cool patterns that I'm trying out, as I have no sewing machine down here, I'll have to knit like crazy. It's a really cool pattern of diamonds, and heaven's above it's actually working out ok. I'm even using CABLE needles as I'm a professional!


Talk to you soon, as I'll be posting my crafty adventures from the far off familiar land of Melbourne again I reckon!


  1. Melbourne! Can't wait, we are having a weekend (1st Weekend in Oct) staying in St Kilda at the Torlano (which I believe is the ex-HQ for Mirka Moyra).
    Love your photo, left of centre, and funny, just the way I like things to be.

  2. that's a sensational photo of you! I love it, and hooooray, that your pattern is working out too. By the way, is that little dog yours? Soooooo cute! Some people want babies, I get excited about the furry four legged barking kinds. he he.


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