Sunday, 11 October 2009

Dress Nine: Oranges & Apples Prototype

I like blogging because you get to hang out with people you'd never really bump into down the street or through a friend. And I'm not sure how you view the whole "writing a blog about your day, then reading some other people's blogs who you admire, and then reading some comments nice people have left on your blog, and then leaving some comments on other nice people's blogs" thing, but I'm starting to feel kinda gushy toward a lot of you.

Gushy in a nice, 'oh my friend who writes/reads blogs' kinda way. And perhaps an example of this is how I've gushed this weekend a little over Franca, who writes on Oranges and Apples and is simply too cute to boot! This weekend I wanted to try a few dresses in her size and style (as it is Frocktober, and I was thinking I'd donate some dosh to the real Frocktober appeal here in Australia if peeps buy any of the frocks I make during October*) and ANYWAYS...! When I sew I find it so reflective and overall a wonderfully relaxing experience and my mind has totally wandered thinking about you Franca, and about your day to day life in Scotland etc, so much so that I think we've become TOTAL besties in my mind now. GUSH!

And so, Dress Nine for Frocktober is a prototype of this dress (one of the ideas that Franca mailed me):

Now I know you didn't say Charcoal as a colour you'd like Franca, but I had a lot of this leftover from another dress (that I made ages ago) and thought I'd test it out:

I love the sleeves, and how similar they are to the first photo! Would you believe it's actually the same type of pattern as this floral dress (I've dubbed it the milkmaid dress) but with bell sleeves instead and a longer frock bit, oh, and no tie bit at the back.

I'm not sure if I'll copy the dress in the first photo though, but adding the strip of lighter grey, NOT SURE!

Anyways! So this is your size Franca, if you like it, I'll list it. If you like it but in a diff colour I'll find something else.

Sorry about the crush post darlings, but I do have a vivid imagination and my mind goes WAY too fast usually, so when I sew I feel like I'm putting all my thoughts in order and slowing down a bit. It's been a great weekend with my thoughts and my creations! More to post later so better hop to it!


* so far I'm sponsoring $10 to and donating at least $10 (could be more after I take a stash of dresses to work this week) because I've sold one dress to a gorgeous-head reader.


  1. I started reading and I couldn't stop brain zipping along...phew...what a trip!
    ps the charcoal dress is a classic...

  2. *grin* Sometimes when I read your posts it feels like we get a little peek into your brain. I have to say: It sounds like fun in there ;-)

    Anyway, cute dress!

  3. You are a flipping genius! This is perfect! Lemme know when you've listed it and I'll snap it up! thankyouthankyouthankyou!

    Franca xx


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