Thursday, 29 October 2009

Crush Post: My crush has a giveaway!

I've often crushed on you darling bloggers, but one of my totes faves is Meg, and she's got a giveaway at the moment, closes November 8th!

You know in the blogworld, how you read about someone and then you decided you're BFFs and you feel like you've known them for like ages!? When I visit Meg's blog I'm all like "Oh, she's looking well, oh there's a photo of gorgeous Bunny, wonder what her Husbie's up to" blah blah blah all as if we're like total friends from kindergarten or whatever.

So, I was feeling very gushy when I noticed that it's her birthday coming up, and she's going to be doing a few giveaways (a la It's My Birthday But You Get All the Presents style) so you better hop over there and put your name down for this one:

How FREAKING gorgeous is this dress, I'm going to link to it now, in the hope I'll win and then I'll give it to my friend Zoe, for she would look amazing in this colour.

BUT! If I don't win, I hope that you do! Go on and clicky dink there right now, as you have to go see what a darling she is!

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