Sunday, 4 October 2009

Day Four: YES another LBD

It's all a bit sweatshop around here in Veronica Darling world! Or is it a sweet(heart)shop? (bad LOL sozza)

But, I'm on a roll for this style of dress cause, as I mentioned, a lot of my pals are keen for one! I'm using up a lot of my stretch fabric that I've collected over the years, and making each dress unique by tweaking either the collar, the length, the size etc.

This is a normal tshirt material type dress, with gathered puff sleeves:

And a slight gather around the middle, that accentuates the skirt. Also, I'm really proud of this neckline, as it's my best yet:

It lays flat, and instead of serging just one side of the ... the... um... bias bit... (the long skinny bit of material you use to make the neckline of stretch fabric, dur, can't remember if it's called something diff. than bias tape)... anyways, instead of serging one side of the bias tape to the bodice front/back, you serge both sides (right sides together, and then iron it up, and then topstitch the bodice (and tuck the serged bit under as facing, so the topstich includes it)... GOSH I'M BAD AT DESCRIBING SEWING. Sorry! Anyways, I like how neat and flat it looks compared to my other efforts!


See my factory sweat shop line:

A nice grey stretch for the next one, and underneath a BLACK AND WHITE striped knit all ready to go!

So, if you hadn't noticed, it's Frocktober 2009 around these parts (ie my blog) and I've noticed a lot of you lovely bloggers are in for Blogtober so we're all posting like crazy! Yay! I'm making a dress day for the month of October and I'll get around to posting a proper linky dink on the side bar soon! I have to work tomorrow though, so it'll be after work and yoga. (and after I sew up the grey dress!)


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