Saturday, 10 October 2009

Dress Eight: Yay for Floral


Internet Win!

So, it was the airport of my Husbie's computer that let us all down! This old hunk o junk that I use in the sewing room works fine (albeit v. slow) so at least I can still post wirelessly today!

Here's dress 8 for Frocktober:

Another cutie floral dress for my friend!

It's the same but different as my frock, same vintage 80s material, pre-faded cause it's old and from the op shop and now 2 gorgeous lovely frocks. I now have a 'line' of clothing. Two things of different sizes mean a line right? Hee Hee!

I'm on a catch up sew/blog roll today, so I'll see you later! You can totes see it's an 'inside' day for me, weird hair, no makeup and weirder hot/cold weather... great for sewing!



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