Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Dress Fifteen: Aloha Frocktober!

Yay, how summer is this darling frock?

It's totally vintage material (ie could be 2 years old, could be 30 years old - but feels a bit modern with a stretch) from an op shop somewhere. The zipper and threads (to match) are all freaking vintage or second hand or hand me downs...

And, deep breath, the bias binding (instead of facing) is freaking HANDMADE (a la J at One for you, One for Me...) and sits perfectly (on the outside, rather shithouse on the inside) here:

So it's rather va va voom, and ladies, it's a size 12, medium size bust. I'm going to shop it round my friends, but speak up if you want it listed, cause it's a little bit wiggle and would be perfect for a summer BBQ!


Now, to moan a little, whilst the bias binding was FREAKING EASY to make, the sewing in wasn't as shithot! I read through J's instructions, and then googled a bit myself (how to make it and then how to sew it in) and felt ahead of myself.

But then I did the sewing it in part, and it looked puckered, puffy and rather raised... as in it makes the sleeve bits look flared slightly. (I have told you before that describing sewing has never been my strong point, I can't get a hold of the terms and lingo for things)... but it didn't sit flat once I followed all the instructions. I did iron it, but either my tension was shit or my sewing was too quick... NOT SURE. But I have ironed it like crazy once it's all completed and it doesn't look bad or anything, but now I prefer the facing/lining of this va va voom dress as it sits flatter and profesh looking. Do you know what's going on here (and can perhaps explain it a bit better than I?)???

I'm going to trivia night now. I know a lot of random stuff, but often it's not the right kinda random stuff.


  1. I love the print on this dress! It totally screams summer.

  2. Very funky - I am amazed at how quickly you whip these dresses up - If only I had someone like you handy when I can't find anything to wear. ((waves magic wand- phoof a dress appears))))...I love the style of dress 8.

  3. Nice work and good job on the bias binding. I like the craftstylish verson of sewing bias binding that you found but I wonder why yours didnt work nice... hmmmm... I still vote bias binding not facing! xx

  4. *grin* It really doesn't matter that you're not very good at talking about sewing, as you put it. I must say it's very amusing. It feels like a little trip in your brain, reading your posts and I have to tell you: I kind of like spending time there. It's fun! :-D

  5. I adore the print on this - it works so well with the style! and yeah, don't sewing machines just give you the shits sometimes. I have ideas about sewing, but I'm not patient enough just yet to try. LOL. Maybe soon-ish.


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