Monday, 5 October 2009

Dress Five: Stripes!

It's a public holiday here in NSW, but I had to work as normal. SADFACE. BUT, I worked really quickly and got outta there as early as possible!

I finished this dress off before yoga! (or Yoges, as I say, and my friend suggested that's how it's spelt. Yogs isn't right. Abbrev Queen!)

It's the same easy stretch knit that I've come to adore making (these past few days) as it really is so EASY! I just love it in stripes!

But the twist (what could it be?! I hear you gasp!) is that this material is actually BRAND NEW! It's from The Fabric Store in Surry Hills! It was prolly $12 a metre or something (pricey for me!) but it was during their sale last month (or was it the month before?). So WOW. Brand new slinky knit material that was a little tricky to sew with (it kept slipping around, plus the added headache of matching the stripes) but over all I think it looks WONDERFUL!

It still feels like holidays around here (and I can't actually remember my last holiday) so I'm going to keep sewing!


  1. That is so cute! I love knit fabrics ;)

  2. Oh! Can I buy this one? How do I buy it?

  3. You CAN buy this! I can list it for you on etsy (and put it in reserve)... if you're serious email me at, and I'll let you know the size or I'll make you a new one (I only have enough material for one more)!


  4. LOOOOOOOOOVE these stripes. It's totally I Just Got Out Of Jail And I'm In A Good Mood--wish you sold these. You're a genius with jersey.


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