Monday, 19 October 2009

Dress Fourteen: Candy Stripes

Another springtime knit stretch dress, and the last of my series for Frocktober:

See how the colours are kinda pre-faded on some of the stripes too:

It's a recent op shop purchase, this fabric, and I've only got a smidge of it left, so I'm planning a few baby tshirts for friends.

It came up well (if a little creased - I'm scared to iron it in case the colours run) and now there's time to start another dress!

I have no idea what to make now, as I do have a couple of extra orders in for Frocktober too, maybe a colour floral pink dress for Kat? I do have my lighter tones in the overlocker dearhearts, so shall have to stick to it! I don't really wear bright colours, and totally not white (I'm too grubby) so I'll have to update the shop with these last few dresses.

See ya!


  1. Love the candy stripes. Don't worry about rushing my dress if you have other orders to make first. I don't mind waiting. Your doing very well with this frocktober challenge. I don't think I could ever make a dress in a day.

  2. Wow, Veronica... You are rocking frocktober!

  3. This one is my fav so far, looks like the perfect summer frock. Nice work xx j.

  4. Your frocktober is going fabulous. Your a brave woman. Loving all the necklines and sleeves. Got a thing for frilly and puffy sleeves at the mo'.

  5. Tis a lovely mix of vintage and modern...


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