Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Dress Seven: Small Stripes!

So, I actually didn't have any time to try anything new after all. We had a meeting at work that I stayed around for, and then when I got home I just had to sleep for a bit with my teddy bear ... oh, I mean puppy dog... and then my Husbie got home and we watched an episode of Mad Men... and then it was almost 7 o'clock.


So luckily I had this cut out already, and this time it took perhaps only 30 minutes. THIRTY MINUTES!

It's uber lightweight knit cotton, from The Fabric Store (again on sale) and this is the only one! I only have a bit leftover for a tshirt for my fairy godson! (Speaking of, does anyone know any good sized 1 or 2 baby patterns? I'm going to google tomorrow)

The colour looks burgandy from afar, but it's actually thin brown and red stripes. NICE!

Talk soon!

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