Friday, 23 October 2009

Dress Seventeen: Just a quickie!

Hey ho! Off to "work" I go... I've just gotta post this one (I hemmed it just now) so I can get back into the darling cool sewing room and start another frock!

Thanks to my darling friend Amy (who has a darling etsy store - did you know?), I own this pattern and when I was trawling through my 'quickie frock' patterns this week rediscovered it and was surprised that I haven't made it before*. AND even better, no zips and no buttons. How can it be possible? It's not even cut on the freaking bias?**

Well, here it is:

The only tricky thing is that cause I made it from a bedsheet (or as how you darling experienced blogger/seamstresses say 'muslin'???) the worn bit of the bed sheet couldn't be avoided (not that I tried hard to avoid it whilst cutting):

See you later!

* WHAT? A pattern that I, Veronica Darling owns, and has NOT used yet... WHAT HOW: please don't tell Husbie I have loads and loads and loads of patterns that I haven't used yet. PLEASE!

** I have NO idea how I even know this is a good thing for dresses to be cut on the bias

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  1. Oh that is adorable - If it has no zips or buttons how do you get it on?? Is it stretchy. I love the dress in the pattern with the 3/4 ruffled sleeves too. Where are all these dresses going to end up , are you listing them in your store?


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