Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Dress Six: It's all for me again!

Well, a slow day for me sewing... only because of the wonderful inside day yesterday!

Yep, after yoga I stayed in with the thunderstorms and made this dress:

And I wore it to work today with 'uge success. I looked very cute indeed. The material is totally a vintage find (yay!) and took less than an hour to sew. WHAT THE HELL? I'm amazing!

I especially am proud of my cap sleeves here, puffed and gathered up the top, but finishing earlier than the underarm bit. LOVE THIS LOOK.

And what about the label:

I can't help showing you! I freaking LOVE my labels! Thanks Husbie for the best birthday present around! YAYZ.

So instead today I tried to get angry at the workmen (they're making a big 4 storey apartment block behind my darling little house, Not Happy Jan) but they were nice truck workmen today, and suggested I write a letter about my broken backFENCE, and they'll pay for it to get fixed. I think this'll be better than going through our insurance peeps as we have a $500 excess. (I wish I understood insurance a bit better) Anyways, HATE developers, but can't hate nice workmen who are just doing their job. (They could drive better though. But a broken fence is better than just a crap fence that needs to be mended anyways).

Then I played on the computer for ages, tried to make a pair of undies (something's wrong with the zipper stitch and my automatic needle threading device!) and cuddled up with my Doggie Darling when she heard the thunder. CUTE!

See you tomorrow for Dress 7, looking around the sewing room here, I'm not sure what it'll be. I have two more dresses cut out like the above... but I'm getting a bit tired of the factory work. Maybe I'll try a new style if I have time tomorrow!



  1. I can't believe how quickly you can whip up a dress - yes you are amazing. I love the little cap sleeves too -

  2. oooh those labels make your dresses more than a 'little bit fancy'! And that cap sleeve is a nice change from a normal set in sleeve - is it easier to do?

    As for that development site behind you, if you have any problems with the work like starting too early (before 7am) or going too late (after 5pm), or damaging anything else give your council a call to complain. They'll either handle the complaint themselves or give you the details of the certifyer who is responsible for making sure it's all done in accordance with their approval. Yes, this used to be my job so that's how I know.....


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