Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Dress Ten: Va Va Voom

Here's my Va Va Voom Dress for Number Ten (A Dress for Each Day of October: Frocktober) and I'm now decidely THE hottest girl in the street because of this LBD.

But! Diana is the model today, as Husbie's working late! And as I've said before, Diana is a pretty hot kinda gal, but unfortunately she doesn't make this one scream Va Va Voom. So here are my seductive photos of her in Number Ten:

Off the shoulder (to show you the red lining) HAWT:

OOOH! Such a cute back Diana, stop! (to show you the big motherfreaking zip I used - SECONDHAND peeps! It must have been from a school bag, it's that massive!)

I really need to get out op shopping to find some more black zips of the petite variety... or stop making black clothes. BUT I CAN'T HELP IT!

And thanks Diana, you look cute enough here:

But darling readers, not as Va Va Voom as your dear author here. But perhaps it's better not to post sexy photos of oneself on one's blog.

I'm a bit behind schedule for the old dresses for Frocktober, but I've got a plenty cut out but just not made. I had to stop off for a facial today (as a yay for not drinking for 2 weeks) and hi to you darling SVBG, I hope you're enjoying your stripey frock!

Also, I knitted up another pole (am I making excuses here?) along my laneway, so I'll post those pics tonight too. xoxo


  1. Love the dress and the surprise lining!

    Question, what brand dress form do you have? I'm on a hunt for one and am taking all pointers!

  2. Oh no I wrote a big long comment for you and my freak of a compter spazzed out on me! Dang. I love your little black dress it will be a staple! I wanted to tell you that, yes, I did use the bias binding instead of facing. I don't really like facing, I know it's useful sometimes but it erks me. Plus now I know the homemade bias binding can turn out alright I think I've found a winner! Keep up the fab frocktobering xxj.

  3. Hello darling! Sorry for the delay, things are a little hectic here in chippo. Yesterday I tried on the stripey dress and OH MY GOD IT'S FLATTERING! There's something about the cut. I love it from hemline to VD label. You rock and I hope others get to experience the awesomeness of your designs.


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