Sunday, 18 October 2009

Dress Thirteen: Akwa!

And I was right, it turned into a busy weekend!

We LOL-ed at the World's Funniest Island (a completely WEIRD festival with loads of stand up comedy and fun chit chat on Cockatoo Island) yesterday. Most of the LOLZ and fun chit chat was provided by my friends and I.

But the island is just great, it's totally worthwhile going if you've never been to it! It's in the middle of Sydney Harbour, and the visiting public have only just been allowed to stay and camp there (or visit weird festivals) so GO!

Loads of other things happened too, but the best things were visits from Melbs friends, hanging with my LOL friends and buying a new pair of sunnies (yet to be photographed, stay tuned!).


So here's my finished floral aqua number for Frocktober, as I've now changed all my overlockers threads to whites and light aqua colours:

No more blacks for me, I'm trying to get into springtime! This material is totally from the stash, and a vintage op shop find from ages ago!

Yep, I'm still behind on the dress a day for Frocktober, so I'll be a mad seamstress tomorrow. I'm sorry my dresses have all been the same old pattern, but it's seriously the best and quickest knit style I know!

I've got one more of this style (pastel candy stripes) to post, and then I'll try some new styles. Perhaps even make up some dresses... freestyle as it were... shopping in the city today has inspired me, as baggy knits are totally in, and in the stores they are so expensive! My friend told me she saw a Sass & Bide tshirt for over 300 bucks! I KNOW it's designer, but that's just crazy!

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