Saturday, 3 October 2009

Dress Three: Mini Dress for Me!

So I made my bestie's dress and posted it here, and then I thought I'd like one too! Lucky I had more material!

So this is the 3rd dress on the 3rd of October... all up to date! And it's perfect for today's dreary day, as it's got a slight wool blend in the knit. I think I was actually given this material from an old flatmate, so I've had this in my stash long long long before I even tried knit sewing let alone had an overlocker... it may have sat folded up for perhaps 7 years!

While I sewed today, my darling Husbie tidied and vacuumed as our upstairs reno has been dusting up our whole house. It'll be done for realsa soon and then we can get rid of all our stuff from downstairs and finally lead normal lives.

Now I'm about to make dumplings and then we'll watch Milk. Yay for Satdee nights at home!


  1. Cute! I ate dumplings last night too. Mmm.

  2. awesome photos! and great dresses. I gotta say I especially love the stipey yoges dress. :) too cool! :)


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