Monday, 26 October 2009

Dress Twenty One: Toddler Tunic

The sunshine made me so motivated on Saturday, and after we'd walked the dog and had a great time on Sunday morning, it all turned dark and now I feel like hanging in hoodies and watching tv as if I've got the flu. So I didn't sew at all yesterday. We watched Heroes Series 3 and I started knitting some more street pole covers.

Nevertheless, I finished this darling little bubby tunic today for my Frocktober challenge (and I've only just noticed it's the last week of October this week! Eep!) and will try and get some exciting frocks going for the few days!

I tried out a little vintage toddler pattern for this one, but omitting the side ties as I thought it had enough frou frou going on with the pattern of the leftover bedsheet material, and check out how lovely these vintage buttons are:

And my Doggie Darling has to see what's going on too (I just stopped her trying to chew on the dress, gosh she's naughty!

You have to watch her 24/7 at the moment. She chomped down on my blackberry, which still works fine but the screen has cracked. And this morning Husbie couldn't save Madame Bovary, my friend lent me the book, and it was totally demolished by Doggie Darling after he left her alone for 2 minutes. She loves the classics, she's already eaten George Orwell and some of our Oscar Wilde oldies.

Hopefully she'll be grown out of the puppy stage soon. But, gosh she's so cute!



    You rock! I read your blog every update but don't comment often coz I just dont, but I couldn't not comment, your staffy is beautiful! and the dresses you make are fantastic!
    keep sewing! and posting!



  2. That little frock is really cute indeed!


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