Saturday, 24 October 2009

Dress Twenty: Refash to the Florida MAX

I'm powering through my darling Frocktober challenge today (well totally catching up as well as today's the 24th and I've now made 20 frocks. Close enough!)

Here's a refash! A moo moo, this one was $3 from an actual vintage store I think:

It had some bits that were ratty and torn:

Now, as I did this pink one earlier, I kept all my threads the same on my machines and cut this one up at the same time and I reckon this one is more closer to my darling 12 year old Lush dress:

I'll be wearing this a LOT at Christmas time in Brisbane. Doesn't it scream FLORIDA DARLING? Thank you to my darling Husbie for the glam shot. I love his photos the best! Curses we're so busy as otherwise I'll have more glam model shots all through my darling blog.

I'm pretty pleased with today's efforts, thanks for all your gush and lovely comments on my challenge! I'll be making some more dresses tomorrow, but for now it's leftover tom kha (turned into a curry thanks to this recipe, you can google anything these days. Love it, it's a 'what to do with leftovers' blog) and Heroes Vol 3. We can't decide if it's turning too convulted or not, so we have to keep watching to find out if it all goes to the dogs (narrative style, or if it's the new LOST).

Bye darlings!


  1. Who would have thought you could turn a sacky moo moo into something so fabulous - great work. I really need to start looking outside the square when op shopping, but then again I would also need to learn a new skill....sewing!!! Hats off to you girl :0)

  2. Gosh you've been so busy VD!!! I think your husbie's glam shot is adorable!

  3. Awesome refashion. While I can't imagine you in the pre-refashion moo moo, I can't imagine a granny is the post-refashioned dress!! Nice work.

  4. A moo moo to a hottie short summer dress... That's gotta be a top 10 fav!! Great refashion and super model pose hehe...

    xo Steph


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