Saturday, 3 October 2009

Dress Two: Black Knit for My Bestie (AKA 100!)

Yay! 100 Outfits completed and blogged right here on Veronica Darling's Crafty Adventures! Yippee! I'm very proud and would like to thank Mr Veronica Darling (aka Husbie) for all his support over these past 18 months! He's a total dearheart, of course, and has often waited an extra hour or two to go out, whilst I was hemming or fixing or swearing, so that my outfit (or my friend's) looked just perfect.

Now for my 100th Outfit! It's a wool blend knit dress for my bestie who lives in London!

She's coming over for our summer, but I thought for her bday (and her son's first bday) I'd send a care package and this dress would suit the UK as it starts to get colder there.

I've pulled out all my stretch and knit materials, because I've got a few orders for this style from friends and thought I'd sew up all my knits so people could choose their faves. (If you've contacted me for a special frock in the past, I'm aiming to have it completed within Frocktober, so thank you for waiting for me to get my sewing shoes on again)

But... the best bit:

I sewed up one of my tags into my bestie's dress, it's the first tag I've used! What a way to celebrate 100 Outfits!


  1. A big huge humongeous congrats to you for this mammoth effort! And today's dress is one of my the color...the fabric...

  2. What a great dress. Perfect for our fall season here indeed. I bet she will be very happy with this present.

  3. Love it! It's a great little black dress. Beautiful shape and construction!

  4. sooooooooo cute. Love these stretchy dresses. Dangit they're cute. --ginger.


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