Thursday, 1 October 2009

Frocktober Darlings!

As I said yesterday, I'm going to make a dress a day under my own celebration of Frocktober!

The real Frocktober is about Ovarian Cancer (as I mentioned yesterday) and fundraising, and I'm going to be on a bit of a promo kick by sewing a dress for every day of October instead of wearing a frock a day (although I have so many frocks I may as well do both) and I'll sponsor you if you sign up.

Congratulations to Crafty Llama, as she's the first person I know to sign up, and I shall sponsor her accordingly!

But, for Frocktober (here are some guidelines for me, you can make up your own) I shall sew one dress for each day of October. I shall be happy and gushy sewing these dresses for myself, my friends (real life and bloggers) and for my etsy store. I shall post my completed dresses here in the blog and I shall not kick myself if I don't finish each dress within that day; I shall just make sure I make a dress for each day of October. (That last bit is my safety net because I work a full time job too, that gets rather hectic at times)

So for the first day of Frocktober, I'm pleased to report that I have a green wiggle dress (not completed just yet... tomozzla friends) and I have a button:

(I just made it, do you like?)

Yay for challenges, and please leave me a note if you're signed up for either Frocktober or Ocsober (I haven't drunk wine since yday) and I'll send some gush and dosh your way!



  1. Oh I soooo badly want to join the challenge, but I just know that it is too much for me to take on! What I can do to show my support for you and for your challenge is 'Sewtober' and I will sew every day of October and post diligently on my blog... is that ok? Can I cop out like this?! Can't wait to see piccies of your lovely frocks.

  2. Wow I love your take on frocktober I've committed to wearing a dress every day for the month and am keeping record of my progress at but I would never have the amazing creativity to sew a dress a day. Good on you!


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