Wednesday, 28 October 2009

OMG OMG OMG New Computer!


My whole life has been interrupted! I bought a new computer and I THINK I'M IN LOVE WITH IT!

Or my husbie, cause he was the one who suggested I dropped by the apple store on my way home today, and as I was in the city already, it was just perfect to walk by the biggest apple store ever (and maybe the funnest place to work? If you like technology I guess. And boy do I like technology!) and buy a computer. Casually. Without really thinking it through at all.

My darling Doggie could not contain her excitement:

And as it's a re-released old skool MacBook she's already shed 1000 tiny black hairs all over the darling white keyboard. I know all about the MacBook cause I had a really really really really old handmedown (as seen in my darling Sewing Room Post) from my Husbie and as it was so slow mo, we often shared his good one. So now we're both connected with speed, and with shiny computies.


Thanks for all your darling comments on my baby garments! How cute! As always, I've got plenty of garments up my sleeve, just gotta get round to finishing them and then blogging them on my DARLING new computer!


  1. Lucky you! We are a Mac family too :)
    I'm so jealous - I'm working on a half-dead eMac, and if it were a person, I think it would be a septuagenarian, possibly with the beginnings of dementia, and definitely bald (the colour is fading from the bottom of the screen - weird!).
    Enjoy your brand new 'pooter! And kiss your doggy for me! lol

  2. "OMG" is the perfect response! I'd be the same. Can't WAIT to get a MAC.... congratulations on the new mac and being in love. :) he he.

  3. Congrats on the best impulse purchase ever. Macbooks are the best. I practically go to sleep with ours--and you are SO excited not to have to share. Woo hoo! (My husband is always accusing me of hogging ours. WHATEVER.)

  4. I love this photo, and you look so cool… very Gwen Stefani. Gwen rocks!

  5. Yay for young Macbook love! Am excitedly awaiting the new MacBook pro for work...


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