Wednesday, 14 October 2009

What not to wear on a windy day (and knitting my streets cont.)

Yep, it's windy in Sydney at the moment!

And maybe it's best NOT to wear a full skirted dress (that's cropped a little and made of taffetta) with little itty bitty undies in the wind:

Luckily no gust at this moment:

(My knitted pole to the left and Doggie Darling to the right)

But I strongly suggest wearing BOY shorts underneath said dress.

And here's my latest street pole!

And there's a gorgeous purple and black street pole in the distance there (from right to left it goes stripey sticker pole of someone's, then my new red stripey pole, then a purple and black pole of someones... then my first colourful stripey pole) yay for urban artscapes.

We got a letter from the council last week explaining how we can get rid of graffitti effectively and should stand up for our streetscapes and rid graff from our council. I was like AS IF, and I'm actually thinking of writing back and to say the graff/stencilling etc is one of the bonuses of living inner city. YAYZ.


  1. We had some lovely teenage-girl graffiti around here recently. Lots of little birds, a sketch of our house (including cat and dog) on the side of our house, and little teeny writing that said "If you can read this you're about to have an EPIC DAY!!!" The council man nearly cried when he had to paint over it.

  2. I love your knitted pole! is that Newtown- Syd by any chance??

  3. OH SVBG, that's so sad!

    And Cath, yep, it's Newtown (off Enmore Road) xoxo

  4. wow these things are so awesome! I want to try it but don't think I'm brave enough ;]
    Do you sew it onto the pole, all the way up?!

  5. the stickers were done by Mini Graf, she has her studio at the end of the street - and I did a pole there too - it's gone now....

    yay for creating the gorgeous little graf street that you have.


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