Monday, 9 November 2009

"Bend and Stretch...

Reach for the stars!"

Was this song about yoga?

My friend stopped over at mine today to discuss an alteration on a newly acquired vintage frock (I'm THE tailor around town at the moment darlings) and then was on her way to yoga... and said 'You should come too!'

I have been a few times, and was rather good in my days of living in the country (I took my mother's spot whilst she travelled the world) but I've only been a few times here in Syds.

Now darlings, please please please don't be mad at me. ... the yoga place used to be 5 minutes away from my house... now it's 1 minute away. As in IT'S RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET. And I've only been twice. Maybe three times.

To make it worse, there's 5 dollar yoga at 12noon and 1.15pm EVERY day. That's the time I get home from work.

Talk about my motivation going to the downward dogs!

Instead of making an excuse, I said to my friend "I'll just go put on my stripey blue n white Aerobic Oz Style jocks" and we trotted over.

Thank you darling K-L! Here are some Yoga Lols for you!

Photos all from where do you think?

In knitting news, I'll hopefully have a finished bootie! ONE REAL BOOTIE for a baby, care of some inane googling today:

More on continental knitting via Knitting Help - I'm getting better at it... just doing casting on/off and knit ... purl sent me crazy on the weekend

Some other techniques discussing continental on

And I joined ravelry, where I found the little itty bitty bootie pattern for free. Once I've made two I'll just have to choose from the five hundred friends of mine who are pregs at the moment. EVERYone is pregs these days!


Thanks for being awesome and a total darling, leave a message!

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