Sunday, 22 November 2009

Better Red Than Dead - Step #1

Or perhaps the bookstore is called Better Read Than Dead... and go there if you like Inner West (of Syds) Street Art! A few people have told me to go buy a terrific book there and I looked the other day and sure enough my knitted street pole was featured! Along with A LOT of other blog peeps. I'll buy it soon and talk about it then...

But! Here is my first darling red dress (for my friend):

The details, of course: Some sort of drill red fabric, lined with the same thing, cap sleeves designed by me. But pretty much it's a vintage early 80s prom dress thing that they want you to make in velour and bad silver trim:

Those sleeves are just very LONG semi circles, I cut 4 (or 2 on folded fabric) and overlocked the curvy side. Then when it came to sewing up the rest of the lining (it was one of those patterns that you sew across front to front and lining to lining at the shoulder seams), I just tucked them in and top stitched:

Top stitching wasn't the BEST aesthetic option, because you can see it on the surface, buy my overheated sweat shop brain couldn't work out how to sew it up inside and I knew I'd hand stitch it forever and a day and it won't be finished in time.

YAY! I haven't put the zip in or adjusted the length yet, cause wanna fit it with the darling girl on Tuesday!


  1. looking good! I really like the cut of this dress. I wouldn't mind making one similar in black for work.

  2. Very cute. I really love red dresses! And now I wonder why I never made one myself. I don't even own one. How silly. I guess I found one of my next projects :-)


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