Sunday, 22 November 2009

Better Red Than Dead - Step #2

Oh hai, me again with Red Dress Number 2!

This one is from a gabardine type material (I have no idea what that means mind you... I went to Lincraft on Friday and they only had 2 type of reds suitable for this kind of dress. The red you saw before, and this red. It's a total budget store in Alexandria, so avoid it if you like variety) and I cleverly (yes, I am clever here) made an art deco type sleeve and I just adore it!

I like both of them so much, so I hope my darling friend likes them too!

So now that I've built these two frocks (without zips and hem line mind you) I'll show them to my friend and get her exact fit. AND THEN I'LL START MY FREAKING PURPLE DRESS!

Yep, I haven't been able to tell you yet, but I got this WEIRD purple material at the Remnants Warehouse the other day, and thought 'If I go to that awards night, I'll make my dress from this weird shizz'... and I found out this week I get to go. So I'm aiming to make a normal bodice/dress bit but add a kickarse shoulder accessory thing, like a big bow or big tuffs of material or something weird. More soon!



  1. Ok Veronica Darling, LOVE, seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress! Am dying over here!!! xoxo

  2. I spotted this on a lovely woman on the TV last night!
    She is a very pretty girl (and had such a jaunty hat on as well!) and the dress is very pretty and I thought perfect for that person. Wonderful dress making Miss Veronica Darling!


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