Saturday, 14 November 2009

Bitty Baby Boots

Gosh it's a beautiful day here at my house! We've just LOL-ed about in the old fashioned 'LOL' way and done not much at all but talked, laughed and lounged (Husbie with Doggie Darling on the couch!)

Cute to BOOT!

And speaking of 'boot', here's my finished booties:

A little lopsided, and a little weird in some areas (Hey! I'm trying out continental and it totally IS quicker, but working on my tension peeps!) but together with vintage buttons, which kinda match, I think they're worthy of a little present to some darling little baby who isn't alive yet! I know the song is 'All my friends are getting married' ... but in my case 'All my friends are having babies' ... so there's plenty of future baby feet to make these boots!

I thoroughly recommend the pattern, as I've followed a few vintage ones in my time, and they're still not finished... so YAY, go to ravelry now and look up Saartje's Bootees cause they're ace and easy for beginners like me.

Now it's way too sunny and hot for knitting, so we're going to go shopping for books now!

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  1. Cute booties! I love that photo of your dog. We have a staffie and she loves to lie on the lounge with anyone who will cuddle her.


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