Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Crazy Purps Awards Dress: Part 1

Today has been so busy (AGAIN) so thought I'd pause just when there was still some light outside to show you the Great Purple Dress Adventure I've been having today! I'm going ok for time, I guess, but now I'm leaving the armholes for a while because I'm still unsure about the big extravagant bow I have planned...

So the bodice is going really well, and the fabric is stiff so doesn't move around so much... I think I did well for the lining as the two fabrics aren't puckering, they're sewing together nice and flat and both materials are taking the warmish iron well (no scary burnt iron or melty marks). Phew!

Here's the lining bits for you (I told you that it was stash purple lining, so you can see the faded sun marks in these shots pretty well) (Tip: Don't store you fabric in sunlit rooms. My fabric isn't even getting direct sun!)

Yay, understitching the lining is also THE best thing. I've overlooked it a few times just because of time issues, but since it's Tuesday and the Awards is Thursday, I still have a few hours up my sleeve.

While I was resizing the photos for this post, I attached the skirt and tried it in. It fitted really nicely but I did notice that I may have to restitch the sides of the skirt cause the overlocker didn't really serge the fabrics well enough.

What do you think of the fabric and the colour? Tizzy? That's what I'm going for, but is it tizzy ENOUGH? Like I said yesterday, I'm worried that it's now not ironic enough! Perhaps I should do massive sleeves in the shape of a bow instead of one big bow on one sleeve? Thoughts?



  1. I love it! I'm admittedly not a fan of purple, but I like it since there is a bit of black in there to break it up. It's a pretty rad looking dress and should look super at your work gig!

  2. I almost think it is not tizzy enough right now--seeing as how the 80s/90s are back, I think you might need a nice obnoxious bow to cap it off. Looks like it is going well though!

  3. wow it looks awesome.

    I really love the colours...i''m not a huge fan of black but the purple combo makes it work really nicely...i'm sure it'll go nicely with you hair colour too.

    great stuff!


  4. It'll be totally tizzy with big hair and cool shoes and also a little classy with the cool purple colour.


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